Writing outlines for persuasive essays

A Note About Formatting:   Outlines usually follow a specific format using parallelism, Roman Numerals, upper case letters, and sometimes numbers to indicate ideas with different levels of importance.  Unless your instructor is planning to collect and grade your outline based on proper formatting, try not to get too hung up on making sure that you're formatting each section properly.  The important thing to remember is that the outline is meant to be a helpful organizational tool --compose your outline in such a way that it will be helpful to you !

The range of things you do as a writer are your writing territories . These territories include genres you know or want to try, subjects you’ve written about or would like to, and the audiences for your writing. A territories list gives you a glimpse of who you are as a writer, student, son/daughter, brother/sister, young adult, and friend. Your territories list is a bank of ideas: a place to go when trying to determine a topic/subject about which to write. Keeping a territories list can help you be a more organized, productive, and focused writer. It helps you keep your eyes on the prize by constantly reminding you of who you are and what you know and what your passions are.

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Writing outlines for persuasive essays

writing outlines for persuasive essays


writing outlines for persuasive essayswriting outlines for persuasive essayswriting outlines for persuasive essayswriting outlines for persuasive essays