Watership down critical essays

The "enchanting" world Prescott admired was not as well received upon its 1974 American publication. Although again the object of general approval, reception in the United States was more mixed, unlike the predominantly positive reviews of 1972. D. Keith Mano, a science fiction writer and conservative social commentator writing in the National Review , declared that the novel was "pleasant enough, but it has about the same intellectual firepower as Dumbo." He pilloried it further: " Watership Down is an adventure story, no more than that: rather a swashbuckling crude one to boot. There are virtuous rabbits and bad rabbits: if that’s allegory, Bonanza is an allegory." [28]

Although the film is fairly faithful to the novel, several changes were made to the storyline, mainly to decrease overly detailed complexity and improve the pace and flow of the plot. In addition, the order in which some events occur is re-arranged. Unlike many animated features, the film faithfully emulated the dark and violent sophistication of the book. As a result, many reviewers took to warning parents that children might find the content disturbing. When the film was first submitted to the British Board of Film Classification , the BBFC passed the film with a 'U' certificate (suitable for all ages, similar to the MPAA's "G" rating), deciding that "whilst the film may move children emotionally during the film's duration, it could not seriously trouble them once the spell of the story is broken and a 'U' certificate was therefore quite appropriate". [4] However, in 2012, the BBFC admitted that it had "received complaints about the suitability of Watership Down at U almost every year since its classification". [5] In the . on the other hand, the film was rated PG due to the violent scenes.

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Watership down critical essays

watership down critical essays


watership down critical essayswatership down critical essayswatership down critical essayswatership down critical essays