Treasure island robert louis stevenson essay

The aftermath of this dramatic event left the embassies of four European nations engaged in diplomatic conflict over the piracy perpetrated by Owen Lloyd and his peg-legged brother, John. Seven governors dipped their hands into the contraband treasure, helping themselves. In the Caribbean, the islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix, Anguilla, Antigua, St. Eustatius and St. Kitts, the island where Owen Lloyd was headed to revel in his treasure haul, would remember this dramatic event for years. Only twenty-four years later, the great grandfather of Robert Louis Stevenson, died at St. Kitts, his life cut short as he pursued his own fortune.

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) previously operated Treasure Island K-8 School . In Spring 2004 the SFUSD board voted to close the middle school portion but keep the elementary school in operation. In its final semester of operation it had 95 students. In December 2004 the district voted to close altogether effective the beginning of 2005. Initially the Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative fought to save the school, but after discipline and staffing issues occurred in 2004, the group stopped its efforts. Heather Knight of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote that year "Even people who had fought to save the school earlier this year now admit it's no longer worth saving." [29]

Terrified that he will be next, Jim runs into the woods. Here, he meets the wild-looking Ben Gunn, another of Flint’s old crew. Gunn reveals that Flint had buried the treasure on the island with the help of six men, whom he had then killed. Gunn had returned to the island with a group of others three years before. When the treasure wasn’t found, the others marooned him on the island. Gunn, who is affable but slightly mad from his long solitude, has sought the treasure ever since. He now offers to help Jim and his friends if they will give him a passage off the island.

Treasure island robert louis stevenson essay

treasure island robert louis stevenson essay


treasure island robert louis stevenson essaytreasure island robert louis stevenson essaytreasure island robert louis stevenson essaytreasure island robert louis stevenson essay