Shortfall of electricity essay

In China , integrated measures are being taken to reduce water use, such as tailoring cropping patterns for higher water productivity and changing behavior to reduce water consumption. For example, an irrigation forecast system in Hebei was set up to collect data on the temperature, humidity, wind speed as well as rainfall, soil moisture content and groundwater level. Wang Weizhen, a local farmer, used to rely on his experience to make irrigation decisions. Now he checks the soil moisture information. “I decide when and how much water to use based on the irrigation forecasts. It saves both water and labor,” says Wang.

June 10, 2011 - Financial Post
One of the unforseen consequences of the Ontario Government's plan to add solar and wind capacity to the Grid at guaranteed rates is that sometimes the power generated is not needed and results in temporary overcapacity problems. When this happens, not only does the Ontario government have to pay extremely high rates for the wind and solar power (up to 81 cent/kWh for Ontario's Solar MicroFIT program), they may also have to pay to offload the power to other jurisdictions such as Michigan. To help combat this problem, the Ontario Goverment is requesting large Wind producers to forecast wind production and remove production during periods of over supply. The Ontario Power Authority will continue to pay the contractual rate for the power not produced. Of course, these charges will be offloaded to Ontario consumers in the form of rate increases.

Shortfall of electricity essay

shortfall of electricity essay


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