Short story critical essay

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  1. Novels by Indian Women Sep 30, 17 11:58 AM

    A tantalising aroma of spices wafted across the busy street. Arjun inhaled, footsteps faltering as he drew level with the restaurant. It would be so easy to grab a quick bite, ignore the meal waiting for him back at the flat. But, with a wedding to save for, this wasn’t the best time to treat himself. On the other hand, he would only be buying for one and the food wasn’t that expensive. He could always tell Rachel he’d missed his usual train and had been too hungry to wait. Another bonus; the place wouldn’t be busy yet, it was too early in the evening. His stomach rumbled in anticipation. The ‘Jayanti’ was renowned for its curries. A nice, hot chicken vindaloo with pilau rice and Indian pickles would go down a treat on this chilly day. He pictured himself ordering a vegetable side dish, like sag aloo to go with it – perhaps with naan bread. Fleetingly, Arjun closed his eyes, imagining himself back home in a country where the sun shone most days and the pace of life was gentler.

    Sir, this article made my life! I wasn't sure before whether I could ever get proper instructions and guidelines about writing or anything , but this helped me loads. I always wanted to write in English and it's my second language so I need to enrich my vocabulary and my grammar too. So can you help me by suggesting me few great novels and short stories which are 'must reads', especially for beginners  please. Every time I pick a book I am not sure if it would help me or not. I am from India and it's hardly possible to get books here so I read from mobile apps.

    Short story critical essay

    short story critical essay


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