Sales and monitoring system thesis

Albridge Sales Practice Monitoring allows your firm to monitor transactions and accounts at either the branch or advisor level, and document compliance comments or actions. Your firm can support increased sales activity levels without increasing compliance staff. This is through automated identification of regulatory hot spots and red flag sales practice patterns, and the ability to flag transactions that pose suitability problems or require attention. Finally, you can guide compliance supervisors and staff in implementing consistent surveillance methods.

Nothing kills a potential deal faster than not being current and accurate with trends and sales. Top salespeople insist that there is no easy way around this. It’s just plain hard work and perseverance with staying on top of data. It’s just like diet fads and pills, there is no easy solution. Sure, hiring staff to assist you with the process helps, but in the end you are the expert your client is turning to as the resource. If you have to turn to your staff to get information in a crunch-time situation it will diminish your image in the eyes of your clients. Top salespeople have a habit of staying focused on their target market and honing in on a specific subset of that market. They preach that trying to be all things to all people will end up backfiring. Using your sales monitoring tools to stay current and accurate with what is selling and why, will improve your closing ratio faster than any other practice.

Live Monitoring Pty (Ltd), is a business that designs, develops and markets specialised efficiency and emissions monitoring software solutions for manufacturing, mining, retail, agriculture and various corporate industries. Coupled with the owner’s passion and the fact that all intellectual property has been developed in house, Live Monitoring is a force to be reckoned with.

Live Monitoring is the leading supplier of reliable cost effective live as it happens software as a service monitoring solutions for any client that requires real time data on their operations and processes .

Sales and monitoring system thesis

sales and monitoring system thesis


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