Revolutionary war essay questions

In some cases, the use of terrorism can be an aspect of guerrilla warfare. Terrorism is used to focus international attention on the guerrilla cause, kill opposition leaders, extort money from targets, intimidate the general population, create economic losses, and keep followers and potential defectors in line. As well, the use of terrorism can provoke the greater power to launch a disproportionate response, thus alienating a civilian population which might be sympathetic to the terrorist's cause. Such tactics may backfire and cause the civil population to withdraw its support, or to back countervailing forces against the guerrillas. [10]

If you are in the SAR you have an ancestor who was involved in the war so why not recreate his dress or uniform. If you recreate his civilian dress it is easy. Accurate information abounds on the Web and in books. If you want to recreate your ancestor’s uniform, you will need to do a little research. What unit was he in and in what state did he serve? Also what time period in the war did he serve? The uniforms changed dramatically during the eight years of the war. If your ancestor was in the militia, your choices are simple and inexpensive. If your ancestor was in the Continental Line, everything depends on the regiment, state and time frame in which he served.

Revolutionary war essay questions

revolutionary war essay questions


revolutionary war essay questionsrevolutionary war essay questionsrevolutionary war essay questionsrevolutionary war essay questions