Reinstating the draft essay

There are 2 big reasons why a draft is a terrible idea.
1.) Instead of going off to college after high school and being able to get a higher education to improve the interior of our nation, they will be sent overseas to fight for an overactive country, and some, which could have been doctors or inventors, will be killed or affected forever with PTSD.

2.) Why should we force the young to fight and die in a war caused by aggressive politicians? The drafting age is young, so older people are unaffected by it. Some might have children, but some don't. They will just send all the young to fight and die.

There is no reason to force people to fight overseas for an overly aggressive nation. Now, if a major attack or invasion on US soil occours that endangers our liberties, by all means draft evreybody.

Finally, that’s great that you don’t “believe” in the project, whatever it is you see it to be. But if there is any group that might have a claim to be immune to its ethical implications on the individual or collective conscience, it’s the Amish. However, the Anabaptists came to the US explicitly for the religious freedom it offered. There IS something that America offers that represents something we benefit from. To assume we are not impacted by this reality, that our social ethic somehow is not touched by our privilege of (at least) communicative freedom, etc., is invalid. I am no fan of political conservatives (at least not after being accused of being a traitor and a coward for refusing to carry a weapon), but what is our response to the claim that in China, we wouldn’t be having this conversation? After all, Jesus Radicals has quite the online presence, does it not?

Considering the course his life took, how that draft letter he didn't ask for or want, molded him into the leader he became, Mellinger says it's all about embracing your unseen potential.
“This country is full of residents and some citizens. The difference is citizens give back, residents just take,” he said. 
Whatever unfolds, he hopes it will spark a conversation for people to be more involved, intentional, and appreciative.
“Whatever it is, everybody ought to do something, mowing lawns at a state park, sorting books at the library, anything you can do, because it gives you a perspective for the things you have and the things you benefit from,” he said. 

Reinstating the draft essay

reinstating the draft essay


reinstating the draft essayreinstating the draft essayreinstating the draft essayreinstating the draft essay