Odu admission essay topics

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Students who are returning from academic suspension must participate in the Academic Continuance Experience for Success (ACES) program prior to the start of classes for the returning semester. Failure to participate will result in a deferment of admission until the next semester, at which time the ACES program must be completed. More information about readmission from suspension can be found at  http:///academics/academic-records/grades/academic-performance/reinstatement or by contacting the Office of Advising and Transfer Programs in Academic Enhancement (also see Undergraduate Continuance Regulations and Adjusted Resident Credit information in this Catalog).

The program consists of a total of 40 semester hours. 9 semester hours are required in core nursing classes that cover topics including research and statistical methods, the economics of health care, the managed care environment, and the intellectual and technical skills needed to manage clinical outcomes. An additional 9 semester hours are required in medical science topics including pharmacology and physiology. Finally, 22 semester hours are required in the family practice or psychiatric specialty. FNP students learn about the primary care of children, adolescents, and adults, including the particular healthcare concerns of women. Meanwhile, psychiatric nurse practitioner students take specialized courses in the care of people with mental illness as well as in psychopharmacology. In addition to your coursework, you’ll also complete clinical rotations in your chosen areas of practice, for a total of 630 clinical hours.

Odu admission essay topics

odu admission essay topics


odu admission essay topicsodu admission essay topicsodu admission essay topicsodu admission essay topics