Non fiction essays mark twain

I have a few questions for you because I’m writing my own memoir right now, but I wonder if there is another source I should read for all of the “legal” rules and such so I don’t miss anything. Do you have a source you would recommend? Here are a few of my questions though, if you don’t mind helping…
-Would I need to get legal permission if I just use someone’s real first name only, omitting the last name?
-If I mention a real person in my story but don’t make them a “character” (like when I told the story of my first celebrity crush as a young person), would I need to change their name for that?
-How do you know if you’re giving too many details about a person? If I’m telling a story about a certain high school friend, and I change his name, but our mutual high school friends (and only them) would know who I’m talking about, would that matter?

As explained by the Über-Morlock (in terms of the 2002 movie ), the Morlocks originated from humans that sought shelter underground, after an attempt at constructing a lunar colony on the Moon sent fragments of the Moon crashing to Earth . They remained underground for so long that they developed bodies with very little melanin in their skin and very sensitive eyes that could not tolerate sunlight for long. As a result of the past catastrophe and the resulting strain on resources, the proto-Morlocks divided themselves into several castes , two of which (the 'Hunters' and the 'Spies') could survive in the daylight. They inbred within each caste until the Morlock race became composed of genetically fine-tuned sub-races designed for specific tasks.

Non fiction essays mark twain

non fiction essays mark twain


non fiction essays mark twainnon fiction essays mark twainnon fiction essays mark twainnon fiction essays mark twain