Mr smith goes to washington essay

I hope that everyone reading this strives to reconnect with anyone he or she knows who is behind bars or recently did time. And if you don’t know anyone, please consider volunteering to help people in those situations. Even my mother, who was so impatient with my mistakes, is doing that, and in four years, she has helped turn around one ex-offender’s life, and she recently signed up for a second mentee. Until we achieve broad reform, my mom offers an example of a grassroots strategy to solve our incarceration crisis: one person at a time.

When Jane ( Angelina Jolie ) is waiting for her target to enter the kill zone, she sees an intruder, whom she later discovers is her husband John. Her scanner identifies the rocket launcher he is carrying as the fictional R-47 Widowmaker rocket launcher. After Jane shoots John in the chest (and his bullet proof vest), he fires this heavily-customized rocket launcher and destroys the shed she is hiding in. This is not an M136 AT4 , since the AT4 wasn't even used in the construction of this fictional weapon. It was a 100% custom made prop, utilizing design elements and color schemes from the M136/AT4 launcher, but (a) it is a dual pistol grips and shoulder rest pad, (b) the front and back ends have futuristic caps and flanges that look nothing like an AT4 and (c) the overall diameter of the launcher is much larger than the 84mm of the AT4. It is more like a 105mm tube and is roughly the same size as Brad Pitt's head. Enough of the launcher is different to indicate that no AT4 was used and a Hollywood prop shop created the R-47 Widowmaker from scratch. The only real part of the weapon is the AN/PVS-4 night-vision scope mounted on it.

Mr smith goes to washington essay

mr smith goes to washington essay


mr smith goes to washington essaymr smith goes to washington essaymr smith goes to washington essaymr smith goes to washington essay