Kindred essays

Cataloging a manuscript collection is a bit like opening Pandora’s Box. You always find more than you bargained for. I recently completed cataloging the papers of science fiction author Octavia E. Butler, a journey both thrilling and frightening. Butler  was the first black woman to gain prominence in a genre that flirts with the supernatural. Honored with both Hugo and Nebula awards, Butler was also the first science fiction author to be awarded a MacArthur “Genius Grant.” Her novel Kindred was selected for Pasadena’s 2006 One City, One Story program, but she passed away suddenly just weeks before her scheduled appearance.

A number of up-market Escort agencies in Australia and elsewhere are operated by Black Magicians. Yet brothels and pornography comprise only a small financial part of the International Satanic Empire. Most of the money comes from drugs (the .), sophisticated blackmail, money lending and currency trading. Satanists of the highest order are behind a number of wealthy Conservative, New Right Christian Churches and organizations in America. These are some of contemporary Satanism’s best cash-flow enterprises (mostly indirectly) and allow mass indoctrination and networking.

Kindred essays

kindred essays


kindred essayskindred essayskindred essayskindred essays