How to start writing your thesis

Blogging is another great way to get the benefits of journaling , regardless of whether you get started to make a name for yourself, or to just get your thoughts and feelings out in the open. Keeping a blog opens the door to the widest possible audience, but it comes with the sacrifice of privacy. If that's your preferred route, you have a wide array of tools and hosts to choose from, both free and paid. We've walked you through some of the most popular blogging platforms , and even introduces some of the new contenders you may have heard of . All of them offer different looks, cater to different audiences, and are designed for different kinds of people. Whatever you choose, keeping a personal blog may not come with writing prompts or fancy mobile apps (although some do), but they can come with community, and option to share your story with the world.

Helena i have been pushed out of investigastion due to this officer and 2015 i had it reinvestigated issues that happend to have also got one abuse case still being investigated 30 years on. Helena i recived no education ,i have re-educated myself to degree level in university Criminology Criminal Justice ,the purpose was to be heard and not be pushed to one 1994 i was in a road traffic accident of duty police officer smashed into my car and damaged my spine top the fact i wear mophinb everyday through patch at 75mgs i have since carried had my own newsagents,sold that 2008,then did fruit and veg on markets then went of to university after doing night school english and access course to socials science .I then got accepted in university but opend my shop instead as it was within a deprived area were i originated from and wanted to give the comminity their meeting point bacjk as well as convience Store.
Helena today i still fight for justice closer .I ask authorities who were responsible for me to apologies to what happend to me and they said their insurance company has informed them not its principal not about monis,but they have turned it intoo as you can imagine i do suffer with mental health ie,ptsd and Bi Polor.

How to start writing your thesis

how to start writing your thesis


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