Gay bashing research papers

Written by Wendy Colomb and Kelly Damphousse, this scholarly article is about the moral panic created by the news concerning gay bashing.  This article's perspective is that gay bashing is not as much of an issue as the media makes it out to be, thus sparking the Mean World Syndrome by instilling fear in homosexuals.  Both authors did extensive research on this report by doing a qualitative and quantitative analysis of media reports on gay bashings in proportion to the total number of gay bashings.  This article must be read critically however, for the statistics may throw the reader off.  Gay Bashing is an issue that people must be aware of, however homosexuals should not live in great fear, feeling they can not leave their house.

Notable in the United States is the It Gets Better Project , for which celebrities and ordinary LGBT people make YouTube videos and share messages of hope for gay teens. [69] [70] [71] The organization works with USA, The Trevor Project [70] and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network . [71] The Safe Schools Coalition provides resources for teachers and students where bullying is a problem. Egale Canada works with LGBT Canadian citizens. [72] In Brazil , the Gay Group of Bahia ( Grupo Gay da Bahia ) provides support. [73] [74] [75] LGBT South Africans can turn to the South African Human Rights Commission. [76] [ not in citation given ]

The FDA is in the pocket of all the big drug companies, who do nothing to prevent us from becoming ill (by letting us use supplements of our choice) and want to keep us sick so they can poison us with their chemical concoctions. I’m SICK of allopathic medicine in this country and ONLY use it if I break a bone or need some emergency fixing. The FDA is beyond corrupt and should be shut down, and reorganized with NO financial ties to Big Pharma.
The medical schools should NOT receive grants from the drug companies as the doctors now are only being trained to mask symptoms with drugs and not diagnose and treat the CAUSE of the symptoms.
We should look to Germany as a model of integrative, and much safer, medicine.

Gay bashing research papers

gay bashing research papers


gay bashing research papersgay bashing research papersgay bashing research papersgay bashing research papers