Frankenstein isolation thesis

The book doesn't specify if the monster was created by one man or several or how he was brought to life. I think we can safely guess that the monster was brought to life using electricity because it has such an influence on Victor. SPOILER ALERT. I would also say that is safe to say that the monster was probably created using more than one man because later on Victor tears apart/destroys the monster's companion before he completes her creation. These are just my thoughts and if anyone has anything else they would like to add please comment

Dread Central gave it /5 stars and called it a "crushing bore", [5] while The Washington Post gave it 2/4 stars, describing the plot as clever but silly. [6] The Oklahoma Gazette , in a more positive review, commented that the film was not as original as the marketing promised but remained better than the average "found footage" film. [7] Ryan Larson of Shock Till You Drop wrote, "It’s easily in the forefront of straight-to-dvd found footage films, maybe even topping it." [8] Mark L. Miller of Ain't It Cool News gave the film a positive review calling the concept of a found footage Frankenstein film "something of a first for the subgenre" and saying "there are definitely some moments that’ll make you jump." [9] Michael O'Sullivan of The Washington Post wrote, "Although the technique may be a bit tired — and the source material almost 200 years old — there's something refreshing about the lengths to which the movie won't go in its search for old-fashioned frights." [10] Bill Gibron of DVD Talk rated it 2/5 stars and wrote, "The idea is excellent. The execution is not." [11] Patrick Naugle of DVD Verdict wrote, "The Frankenstein Theory doesn't do enough to separate itself from the pack of found footage movies cluttering up local Best Buy shelves. While it's hardly a resounding failure, it features too little horror and too much dialogue." [12]

Frankenstein isolation thesis

frankenstein isolation thesis


frankenstein isolation thesisfrankenstein isolation thesisfrankenstein isolation thesisfrankenstein isolation thesis