Essays on religious cults

A number of founders of new religions established plans for succession in order to prevent confusion after their deaths. Mary Baker Eddy , the American founder of Christian Science , spent fifteen years working on her book The Manual of the Mother Church , which laid out how the group should be run by her successors. [48] L. Ron Hubbard , the founder of Scientology , promoted his follower David Miscavige to be the head of the Scientology organization. [49] [50] Sun Myung Moon , the founder of the Unification Church , assigned the leadership of the church to his wife, Hak Ja Han , who was much younger than he. [51]

Most details of the war are unknown to the Foundation. It is suspected that the deployment of Colossi (such as SCP-2406), as well as the heavy use of a substance resembling "Greek fire" 35 , that turned the tide of war against the Sarkites. When the war was over, the Adí-üm empire was assumed destroyed along with Sarkic civilization. In reality, Sarkicism would continue in secret - at both its homeland in the Urals and among the tribes that had fought under the banner of Adí-üm (such as among the Thracians and Dacians). The damage to the region was great and many civilizations did not recover, resulting in the collapse of various kingdoms, a crisis of refugees, the decline of art, literature, science, and technology, and the lingering disease and famine from Sarkic biological weapons; an event later known to historians as the Late Bronze Age collapse.

Essays on religious cults

essays on religious cults


essays on religious cultsessays on religious cultsessays on religious cultsessays on religious cults