Essays on julius caesar shakespeare

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Drusus then settled an incident involving the abuse of the protection afforded by icons of the princeps, in which the emperor's images were being used to shield the guilty. Gaius Cestius Gallus brought a complaint into the Senate, and claimed he was being abused under this safeguard by Annia Rufilla. Drusus was soon brought in to weigh on the matter, for the Senate felt only a member of the imperial family could speak on such a delicate matter. At the request of many senators, Drusus had Rufilla arrested and imprisoned. [40] Later, he was given credit for the condemnation of two Roman equites , Considius Aequus and Coelius Cursor, who had attacked the praetor, Magius Caecilianus, with false charges of maiestas . It is unlikely that he himself was responsible, for every verdict was given by the Senate with Tiberius' authority, but this did not prevent his popularity. [41] [42]

Essays on julius caesar shakespeare

essays on julius caesar shakespeare


essays on julius caesar shakespeareessays on julius caesar shakespeareessays on julius caesar shakespeareessays on julius caesar shakespeare