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Yes. Not uncommonly, people with coronary artery disease have more than one heart attack over the years. In fact, by looking at the heart tissue at autopsy, pathologists can tell when myocardial infarctions occurred. Thus, very recent (acute, hours old) infarctions may appear as a pale brown region, infarctions days old (subacute) appear yellow, and healed (weeks to years old) infarctions appear as white scars in the heart muscle. Figure 5 shows three myocardial infarctions of different ages in the muscle of a left ventricle. Figure 5: Three Myocardial Infarctions of Different Ages; Slice Across Heart Ventricles

Robert Robinson depicts another senior citizen pursuing a good time in his Going to the Movies cover illustration for The Saturday Evening Post . The well-dressed elderly gentleman, the main figure in the picture, reaches in his pocket to find money for a ticket to a moving picture show. He glances with anticipation at the placard poster showing an interesting scene from The Great White Way . The sign above the poster announces “SHOWING TO-DAY IN 3 REELS.” An attractive young lady in the ticket booth smiles encouragingly as she patiently awaits his purchase. 

The influence of Malthus' theories was substantial. Among others, he developed a theory of demand-supply mismatches which he called "gluts." Considered ridiculous at the time, as it violated Say 's Law which basically stated that supply creates its own demand, his theory was a precursor to later theories about the Great Depression, and to the works of admirer and economist John Maynard Keynes . Malthus has also been admired by, and has influenced, a number of other notable economists, including David Ricardo with whom he maintained a long lasting friendship but opposite thinking on economics.

Essay illustration robert smithson writings

essay illustration robert smithson writings


essay illustration robert smithson writingsessay illustration robert smithson writingsessay illustration robert smithson writingsessay illustration robert smithson writings