Essay dramatic poesy dryden summary

verse , "line or section of a psalm or canticle," later "line of poetry" (), from Anglo-Fr. and . vers, from L. versus "verse, line of writing," from PIE base *wer- "to turn, bend" (see versus). The metaphor is of plowing, of "turning" from one line to another (vertere = "to turn") as a plowman does. had fers, an early . borrowing directly from L. Meaning "metrical composition" is recorded from ; sense of "part of a modern pop song" (as distinguished from the chorus) is attested from 1927. The English . first divided fully into verses in the Geneva version (1551)."Verse ... was invented as an aid to memory. Later it was preserved to increase pleasure by the spectacle of difficulty overcome. That it should still survive in dramatic art is a vestige of barbarism." [Stendhal, "De L'Amour," 1822]

The value of extensive literary analysis has been questioned by several prominent artists. Vladimir Nabokov once wrote that good readers do not read books, and particularly those which are considered to be literary masterpieces, "for the academic purpose of indulging in generalizations". [6] At a 1986 Copenhagen conference of James Joyce scholars, Stephen J. Joyce (the modernist writer's grandson) said, "If my grandfather was here, he would have died laughing ... Dubliners and A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man can be picked up, read, and enjoyed by virtually anybody without scholarly guides, theories, and intricate explanations, as can Ulysses , if you forget about all the hue and cry." He later questioned whether anything has been added to the legacy of Joyce's art by the 261 books of literary criticism stored in the Library of Congress . [7]

Dryden also accuses Shadwell for copying from others work without paying the attribute to them. And further Dryden ridicules Shadwell physical built up; Shadwell is a fat and bulky fellow but without a brain and common sense. He suggests Shadwell not to base his characters upon the experience and knowledge of mankind. His men of wit should also be like him. Shadwell’s borrowings are as distinct as oil in the water. He should not claim likeness with Ben Jonson, because Jonson was a learned man but Shadwell was a perfect stupid. Johnson’s satires are great pieces in literature, his comic pieces were effective but Shadwell is so poor in using satire that they do not offend the person satirized there in.

Essay dramatic poesy dryden summary

essay dramatic poesy dryden summary


essay dramatic poesy dryden summaryessay dramatic poesy dryden summaryessay dramatic poesy dryden summaryessay dramatic poesy dryden summary