Discrimination sociology essay

SAC's undergraduate programs provide a solid liberal arts educational background. With a combination of larger introductory courses, small upper-level seminars, internships and other hands-on learning experiences, our undergraduate majors become well prepared for a professional career in the private sector, government, and non-profit organizations. Our students also find themselves ready to apply to graduate schools across the country for further studies in sociology, anthropology, and criminology, or for professional training in law, medicine, business, education and social work. Students with a graduate degree from SAC are well suited for professional careers demanding a broad understanding of social issues in combination with expertise in qualitative as well as quantitative research methods. Some of SAC's graduate students subsequently pursue PhD programs.

Gender differences in salary associated with discipline present even more complicated interpretational problems. Women and men are distributed across academic disciplines in a fashion that mirrors the gender distribution across occupations. Disciplinary differences in average salary likewise mirror wage differentials across occupations. But are the differing occupational distributions simply a matter of gender differences in preferences or abilities with no implication of discrimination? Or are women steered away from lucrative fields, so that gender differentials in salary linked to disciplinary affiliation represent indirect discrimination in training, recruitment, and hiring? Or does the pattern of occupational wage differentials mirrored in disciplinary differences represent direct discrimination, an influence of gender composition per se on occupational wage structures (England et al. 1988)? In the latter case, assignment of responsibility for remedy presents particular problems. The university, like any other single employer, is simultaneously vulnerable to competitive forces of the wider labor market and a constituent element of that market. Defiance of the market by a single organization is costly to that organization; adherence by all organizations to the broader occupational wage structure perpetuates gender inequity and carries broader costs.

Discrimination sociology essay

discrimination sociology essay


discrimination sociology essaydiscrimination sociology essaydiscrimination sociology essaydiscrimination sociology essay