Chemistry experiment report

Novare Science & Math has the goal of helping educators of all sorts implement excellent an science education program. In the chemistry lab, this means bringing students into the real chemist experience. It requires effort, skill, and patience – learning and observing universal safety procedures, use of correct terminology, use of apparatus, skills of measurement, recording, documentation, cleanup and waste disposal. The best educated students will also take some time to learn the background of an experiment, how to analyze results, and how to write a premier lab report.

Chair, Biennial Conference Committee, Division of Chemical Education, American Chemical Society (2014–current); Co-Chair ACS Examinations Institute 2015 General Chemistry Conceptual Exam Committee; Chair-Elect (2007), Chair (2008), Immediate Past Chair (2009) American Chemical Society, Division of Chemical Education; Vice-Chair (2007) and Chair (2009) Gordon Research Conference on Chemical Education Research and Practice; 2007-2009 ACS Division of Chemical Education Examinations Institute Board of Trustees Committee Member; 2007–2013 Advanced Placement Chemistry College Board Test Development Committee; 2008 – 2013 Question Leader, Table Leader, Reader AP Chemistry Reading; College Board AP Chemistry Consultant (2012-current); College Board AP Chemistry Challenge Area Committee (2013-2014); 2000-2004 General Chair, ACS Division of Chemical Education 18 th Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, July 18-22, 2004. 

Chemistry experiment report

chemistry experiment report


chemistry experiment reportchemistry experiment reportchemistry experiment reportchemistry experiment report