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Under the easy brand Stelios Haji-Iannou has furthermore established and Internet car rental service (easyRentacar), a chain of Internet cafes (easyEverything), a financial services site (easyMoney), a portal site for bargains on the net (easyValue) and a free e-mail service (). In all his ventures he is using "yield management to extract the ideal margin from each customer"  [ 16 ]  and keep costs down. Furthermore, yield management "can help to better use price in the marketing mix to best reach the most customers"  [ 17 ]  . However, there are no cross-shareholdings between easyJet and these other easyGroup companies. easyJey operates independently from the other companies although some cross-marketing agreements do exist. Also, results of the non-airline businesses have been mixed as they have lost £75m in three years  [ 18 ]  .

Apart from that, the model is also helpful for managers to comprehend the strength and weaknesses of a firm’s current competitive position, and also powerful in assisting managers to plan for enhancement of their companies’ competitive advantage in the future. Through the application of the Porter’s Five Forces model, managers can obtain a clear understanding of where the power lies in an industry, and this is vitally important as such knowledge will enable a company to take actions which could maximize its strengths, while minimizing the weaknesses. It is useful because the results from the model will also prevent the managers from forming wrong and dangerous strategic direction or mission for the organization. Through the application of the framework, and by identifying the strength and direction of each competitive force, it provides managers with an opportunity to identify the strength of a particular company’s position, the formation of generic strategy (., either a differentiation, low cost of focus strategy), the sharpening of the company’s strength to achieve competitive advantages, which is essential later in the process to achieve sustainable profitability in the industry. The application of the Porter’s Five Forces model towards the formation of the generic strategy for a company is shown in table below.

Best buy swot essays

best buy swot essays


best buy swot essaysbest buy swot essaysbest buy swot essaysbest buy swot essays