Band image thesis

Symbols of Death and Time

  • Gestures and Hand Signs
    Solar and Lunar Symbols
    Secret Language of Symbols
    The Celtic Oracular Alphabet
    The Pentagram
    The Golden Bough
    Tree of Life
    The Mythological Eagle
    Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos)

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         At the next iteration, the classes unmixed would be "concrete," "metal," "water," and "vegetation." Once a class fails a threshold, it is not subdivided later. If there were a third level to the "man-made" class, and "vegetation" had an unmixed fraction of at the second iteration, a third unmixing would not include vegetation sub-classes. This makes the coarser unmixings more important, and allows the algorithm to find fewer endmembers in each pixel.

    Band image thesis

    band image thesis


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