Arranged marriages bad essay

as a matter of fact, more marriages either arranged or not end up being more a responsibility then intimacy afterwards, i think arranged marriages given its not forced and couples well know and agree to marry each other has an edge over love marriages, in arranged marriages not having freedom to divorce makes couples to work on their marriage and not destroy relationships over very small issues like ‘i fell out of love with my partner’ or ‘sex became boring’, i think divorcing based on these silly matters is very harmful to the very concept of marriage, and marriage means to work hard on your relationship and not to give up that easily, i think in the west this very notion of ‘freedom’ has destroyed the institution of marriage, and in the east ‘forced marriages’ are also giving a bad name to this institution

In the United Kingdom, public discussion [101] has questioned whether international arranged marriages are a sham, a convenient means to get residency and European citizenship to some male or female immigrants, who would otherwise be denied a visa to enter the country. These fears have been stoked by observed divorces once the minimum married residence period requirement is met. MP Ann Cryer has alleged examples of such abuse by West Asian Muslim families in her motion to the UK's House of Commons. [102] The United States has seen a similar controversy with sham arranged marriages. [103] [104]

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The idea behind creating a physical board game, instead of a digital version, was to make the experience interactive. "It provides a platform to discuss a serious topic in a lighthearted manner. The game also tackles other issues that are part of South Asian societies, like skin whitening, secret boyfriends and dowries. I hope it can become an educational experience for those who haven't dealt with arranged marriages. By learning about it, they can be better equipped to help others facing the same situation," she says, adding that several Pakistani and Indian girls have reached out to thank her for "finally speaking up about an
important issue". However, she has also received criticism from Pakistanis, who "have made it clear that I'm a disgrace because I'm bad-mouthing society".

Arranged marriages bad essay

arranged marriages bad essay


arranged marriages bad essayarranged marriages bad essayarranged marriages bad essayarranged marriages bad essay