Airline dissertation topics

Social networks (Facebook, Orkut, MySpace, Bebo, LinkedIn) are not only changing the way that many people use the Internet, but they are also presenting marketing practitioners with new challenges when trying to reach and acquire customers online. At the same time, these social networks have their own challenges in trying to acquire and retain customers when many of the traditional principles of consumer behaviour no longer apply. As social networks become more popular, a marketing dissertation in this area would be up to date and in line with current trends.

Advertising, since time in memorial, has been used in different circumstances by business to build powerful business force. In definition, as proposed by Brewster & Palmer, 2001, advertising may be referred to the purchased publicity conducted in a pre-planned way to seduce potential clients to act, think or behave as per the advertisers’ desires. According to Robert Hearth, advertisement is a tool that is most effective in persuading any potential and existing consumers to consumer certain products. According to him, companies that use advertising are amongst the most successful ones in the world (Heath 2012).

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that airline industry is concentrated with much more competition and the Porter's six forces analysis explains the reasons for low returns in the industry. At first, the threat of newcomers is low but the rivalry among the existing customers is much high. The bargaining power of customer is high because they are price sensitive. The degree of bargaining power of supplier is also high due to concentrated and limited suppliers. The threat of available substitutes can be considered as medium because of various uncertain travelers' preferences. Hence, the degree of each force analyzed will be helpful to gauge the market scenario of airline industry.

Airline dissertation topics

airline dissertation topics


airline dissertation topicsairline dissertation topicsairline dissertation topicsairline dissertation topics